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Project Management

For larger scale projects (and smaller ones if applicable) Project management tools & apps will be recommended and setup, existing client sites might benefit from having this sort of organizing at a basic level where cost is free or negligible, for larger new projects it’s essential.

Project code, themes or plugins, are best kept under CVS version control using one of the popular applications such as SVN or the now more widely used Git.

Large projects benefit from a project management home that provides code versioning ( A form of file history tracking ) and also an issue tracking ticketing system to allow issues to be logged and dealt with and general project discussions recorded.

Maintained online these accounts allows for easy access to project files for any developers & client and ensure that the client has their code safely retained for any future developers they may care to use.

To recap, the benefits of versioning control means that all changes to your core files are kept as a running history and can be reverted to or specific changes located, it allows teams of developers to work safely on copies of files without clashing or overwriting another’s work and the project app provides a means of storing notes, graphic files and keeping a running issue ticket system to report any issues needing looking at. Nowadays all good developers are used to working with this form of file management and many expect to find it in use.

Project management application of choice is Codebase and we can either setup a project on our account or for large scale projects provision a new account specifically for the client that they retain control of going forward, initially the free account level can suit most small projects and can be upgraded as needed very easily.