Thirdscribe – Where Readers and Writers Connect

Project Scope

Thirdscribe is a site dedicated to online publishing providing a platform for authors and readers, at the heart of the site is a heavily customised extended BuddyPress groups implementation provided for by a plugin authored by a leading BP developer imath. BP groups are transposed to ‘Books’ and authors use a ‘group’ to add their book and it’s details to. The requirements to get the site to a beta launch position were:

  • Address existing layout & scripting issues with menus
  • Review and implement revised template files and sidebars
  • Provide CSS-P styles to support a responsive layout & Mobile view
  • Re-factor main WP functions files & child themes to better integrate with parent theme
  • Implement various buttons for buy links & visually re-style form controls



Screen Layouts & responsiveness

To start with a review of the existing template files was undertaken to establish how aspects such as menus and sidebar elements were being handled and updated where necessary.

Starting with main BP directories & WP post / screens then moving through groups and user profile screens layout styling was begun based on screen width breakpoints to configure the sidebars and menu views if on large screens or tablets/mobiles, this first pass concentrated on just the major layout framework leaving the in page elements styling as a second pass after the layout was stable.thirdscribe-sidebarsthirdscribe-sidebars-2

Child Themes

Thirdscribe is a WP MS install allowing members to have their own sites which tied back to thier ‘Book’ groups. The main requirement with these subsites was that the layout looked seamless, the visual style should continue through to these sites, to enable this to be as easy as possible the theme for these subsites was re-factored to use the majority of the parent themes styles and functions so changes were reflected across themes, and the styling for child themes kept to a minimum and template files used initially from the parent theme.