The Voiceover Gallery

Site rebuild & redesign

  • Create new structure for voice artist DB.
  • Create CPT archive & single templates for artist listings.
  • Build new query and search functionality of artist lists with list filtering.
  • Provision a user/client facility to save searches to email & pass to TVOG staff.
  • Implement a full re-design of site visuals from graphic impressions & provide modern CSS/Scss framework.


Project Brief

This project brief was to take an existing site and completely update to modern standards.

The project covered two primary objectives; completely re-build the artists DB entries transposing to new tables and improved searching and selection and filtering of artists plus a full visual re-design.

Updating the Artist database

The existing DB had been created as a custom table and hadn’t got a very friendly or sophisticated front end to fetch and display the list so this aspect was something that needed to be radically overhauled.

Creating the voices(artists) as custom posts was a logical step as it allowed us to list the entries in a manner that could be easily queried and searched/filtered on it also afforded the opportunity to add metadata and have the entries actually exist as users which allowed for a great deal of future flexibility

So an initial first step was to draw up a new schema for Voice entry data and taking the existing entries build a script to fetch those and re-factor, add various metadata items and re-save the resulting list as a ‘Voices’ CPT(custom post type

Creating CPT and voice templates

To support the new Voices CPT entries we built new archive and single view templates to display the queries lists as post loops

The primary list was the archive template which additional ability to sort the list based on various meta types.

The single artist view provided a full profile along with a full display of the Soundcloud voice recording excerpts.

Providing a prospective client ‘Save to List’ function

An important part of this new build was to provide a means for the clients looking for artists to be able to create a saved list of choices which they could either email as a private page to be viewed or to directly mail to the company requesting further details or to arrange booking of artists.

A script and supporting page was created to allow a list to be built and added to and tied to a selection of form mailing options.

Design and visuals

The site was completely redesigned and fresh CSS files and graphics brought to the site for the modern look we see on the left.

A Foundation framework was settled on to provide the basic CSS support and styles were built to accommodate the graphic impressions we had.