Developing Smart Cities

Developing Smart Cities Scope

Project Management, Layout & Styling, WP site functions

Project scope: Update site layout, configure and implement Buddypress and WordPress functions, set up online collaborative project management service with SVN repository access for developers.

The project was for a site bringing together many facets of sustainable urban housing development. It’s purpose to enable organizations to promote their enterprises and projects , The site was built around a WordPress core with Custom Post Types and custom data fields used to provide unique page layouts for users to post their project details on, in addition to the main pages BuddyPress was used to provide the ability for enhanced user profiles and Groups functionality and forums to allow users to communicate within specific dedicated groups.

  • Re-factor site layout.
  • Implement new graphic design elements.
  • Provide new functions and widgets for site display.
  • Re-factor wordpress post loops.
  • Conceive and implement WP page structure for help & guides.

Detail showing a members account screen

Initial Preparation

Having reviewed the project and agreed with the client what was required to move the project to completion and launch I advised that a project management application was going to be vital for the continued development both now and in the future. I recommended Codebase as an online management application for both it’s project ticket and wiki features as well as it’s choice of CVS systems for maintaining versioned development code.

Site layout & design

Amongst a list of requirements was the completion or improvement of the site layout & design, for this aspect I suggested and recommended a graphic designer to provide a new set of design proofs. When an acceptable re-design was chosen the initial phase of the site build began with the re-styling and re-factoring of the sites pages markup.

Example of a projects custom page

During this initial phase attention was given to the home page presentation and various WP lists displaying posts and Buddypress groups.

Phase Two

The second phase of this project was implementing additional requirements of the client regarding aspects such as sidebar functions and page to page display, I consulted with client on the options available and implemented those that the client agreed on such as a customised front page banner slider, custom widgets for selecting and displaying ‘Featured Members’, configuring pages and templates for help guides.

The members directory layout showing member details in double column style

Issues & challenges:

The main issue with this project was very much finding how best to present the site content and functions in a revised layout that made sense and that was user friendly, achieved by working closely with the client examining our options and testing various layouts styles until the right one was arrived at.