ActOnThis – The Actors Network

Project Management, Layout re-factoring

AOT is a site a dedicated to UK actors, and is based around BuddyPress and a series of Custom Post Types. The requirements for this job were to bring the site layout back into shape after upgrading it’s parent framework and to provide layout and styling support for new features.

  • Provision Codebase account and inplement repositories.
  • Update framework and child theme files.
  • Configure a new Staging server for testing
  • Create new layout for specific BuddyPress directories.
  • Re-factor the main homepage with a new look, slider, and custom post loops.

Various aspects of the site pages were re-factored shown in the examples below.

Members listing display as single portrait panel per member with large central avatar with selected profile information shown below, arranged in rows of three wide.
Detail of a custom post displaying user submitted notices, this page showing a listing view of notice extracts and the users company logo.

Initial assessment & project management

Initial assessment of this clients setup showed that general improvement to their ongoing project management was required. As this was a long term project for the client and there would
need for ongoing site development and management I decided that it was imperative to establish the project with a firm development environment; to this end I advised the use of CodeBase for project management and code repository functions.

A new account was created and I proceeded to get all the main themes files organized and uploaded to new repositories from where they would be accessed by developers when code updates were made.

Now the project had a secure safe work environment with the main files safely under version control and backed up. I also decided to have the sites main custom plugins under version control on codebase to make future modifications easy.

Re-organizing of site files tidy ups

A detail of the main stylesheet showing the initial section layout as a numbered list to clarify where to find relevant rulesets.

With the site using the Infinity framework and having upgraded to the latest release there was a need to reorganize the file structure and folders. Along with
the re-structuring there was a need to examine and rationalise the style sheets, removing redundant styles and re-structuring the layout of the main style file – essential where
multiple stylesheets are employed – such as one sees often in WP sites – is the need to keep styles clearly sectioned to enable clarity when working with them.

Design & Layouts
One aspect of the project was to re-think the main members list directory, as this is an actors site it was felt better to display members in a panel format with larger avatars and profile information, we removed much of the usual members detail for a simpler cleaner look.

Detail showing the AOT home page, the header and main links region and the full width image slider.