In addition to larger project builds I provide specific functions and custom solutions for existing sites which really covers anything from providing additional custom post metadata along with metaboxes for user entry and custom templates for display to running up functions to compliment or adjust existing behaviour.

Viahome was an app built by a developer to provide home automation to support the app he had built a website to provide membership accounts & Groups using BuddyPress. I provided additional support working up solutions to integrate single sign on with Buddypress/WP user registrations & extended profile fields. Functionality ranged from rendering failed user logins null, setting additional usermeta on a successful login to identify a SSO login with further data, to providing settings options in the wp backend to set user re-direction after login, and the setting of permitted domains to check when a user logged in.

Larger Scale Projects

  • The Voiceover Gallery

    The Voiceover Gallery was an existing site requiring completely re-building, retaining the clients DB entries of artists but transposing that table to custom post type along with query and search functionality and presentational templates. The design overall of the site was updated introducing new templates & scss framework.

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  • Box Seventy Seven

    Box Seventy Seven was a brochure site build with the emphasis on simplicity and minimalistic design allowing the companies visuals to engage the viewers and tell the story.

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  • Act On This V2

    A major re-write of an existing project I originally provided styling and general functions for. This was a complete re-build to re-fresh the sites visual impact and create a more content focused layout in a magazine style as well as an overhaul of many of the sites functions and custom post types.

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  • Thirdscribe

    Thirdscribe is an exiting project that I am very happy to be involved in. The site offers space for online book authors to promote their publications and interact with the sites membership base. My role was to take over the frontend development and finish the site layout and styling for both the main site theme and for the subsite themes, providing fluid responsive layouts and a basic mobile friendly view.

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  • The Revivalist

    The Revivalist is a complete theme re-write for an existing site. Providing a full custom WP theme complete with custom post loop functionality, home page & plugin configurations and styling.

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  • ActOnThis

    This was a project already established & in production. I was asked to help with a general site re-factor, and provide ongoing support.

    I set up a codebase repository and management account for ongoing development and moved all the WP theme files and custom plugins under version control.

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  • The Karma Foundation

    The Karma Foundation was a project I was asked to provide, initially, a written appraisal of the sites server requirements along with ongoing server support recommendations; I subsequently built and configured a new LAMP server for the project and now provide ongoing support.

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  • Developing Smart Cities

    Having reviewed the project I returned my conclusions & suggestions for moving forward with this project that had been started begining with tackling a site visual layout re-factoring and introducing ongoing project management initially organizing a structured project management environment and SVN repository for continued code development.

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