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Me, Online {Life}, & Projects

I am…

A Standards focused full stack developer, working with everything and anything from PHP server side scripting to full layouts and templates. My primary focus lies with CSS-P and (X)HTML / HTML5 & JS.

As a Standards based developer I pay a lot of attention in working to compliant well formed code this experience and a background in hand coding ensures that deliverable code or sites will validate and perform across browsers or on mobile devices. Nowadays it’s increasingly important that sites do display well on variety of mobile devices such as tablets, phones, desktops.

My time is apportioned between clients & project builds and I maintain an active presence in the WP development community.

Aside from work I maintain an active presence in the WordPress community keeping busy working on various projects in the community, chiefly as a core committer on the BuddyPress project. I have been involved with BP from the early days of the project, apart from general patches and commits day to day I am currently working on the next generation of BuddyPress core theme used to allow BP to run under any WP activated theme, this is an extensive task that we hope to bring to fruition around the end of the next release cycle 2.8.0, I also have been release lead for V2.9.0 of the project released recently and the current stable release.