BGB BP Group Branding

Have begun and indeed now got a 90% working version of a new plugin idea underway. At the moment the working title is BP Group Branding.

This plugin is intended to let site admin running WordPress & BuddyPress apply specific branding or sponsorship to their BuddyPress Groups.

The plugin will be released as a premium one and released either as part of the PhiloPress project or as a standalone offering.

The CPT post list screen

Using Custom Post Types we create a new CPT that can have various bits of metadata added and that in turn is linked through to a specific group ID, when we navigate to a single group that has sponsor branding set we then grab the associated CPT post and display it’s data on a custom front page for the group, giving the group a unique branded default front page to land on and branded as the sponsor sees fit.

The CPT post edit screen

Further we allow the site admin / sponsor to also set the branding across the BP groups header so it is visible on the Group action pages.

At present the plugin requires little by way of admin settings, nearly all the configuration can be handled by each post type, although setting custom featured image sizes could mean having to fashion a dashboard page

Detail showing the group ID form field for CPT

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