CDNJS & CloudFlare JS Libraries

CDNJS is a project offering community moderated JavaScript libraries in the cloud.

CDNS have just announced a partnership with CloudFlare who will host the libraries CloudFlare Blog CDNJS news

What is interesting in this concept is the ideal that the more sites that load their required JS libraries via CDNJS & CloudFlare the more often a first time site visitor will already have the required files cached and therefore not need to fetch that particular file from the new site they have visited which has to be a good thing; for the site owner / developer it means less requests to the server, less bandwidth used, faster loading site; the user benefits in the same manner, an all round win really.

As there is no requirement to have an account with CloudFlare developers can immediately start using this service and linking to the cloud files and I’ll certainly be giving this a test run on my main site (not sure I can change how WP handles JQ, but can probably hack it to load from a remote url instead of local)

The other big plus over the other CDN script offerings is that this is a community driven effort and anyone can upload a library for inclusion and approval from the community team, and CDNJS already has quite a diverse range of scripts to call up.

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