To Be or Not To Be – a Developer?

It grates on me enormously when the forum I hang out on runs ads – not by particular choice – for automated software. On a forum dedicated to promoting Standards based development, good solid hand coded semantic well formed code and all that that entails, we find ourselves mocked by ads for automated software to accomplish the hardest of tasks without the user requiring any CSS Knowledge, any (X)HTML Skills nor any Photoshop Experience and this software produces CMS templates for the likes of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal at the click of a series of buttons It might not be so bad if we knew that browsers would render tag soup code as it ought to be as mush but naturally the browser makes a good stab at rendering a more than passable layout and these ones don’t look too bad.

What actually I have deep reservations about are the attitudes of the people using this software and the fact that they consider it smart to NOT have to code, to NOT have any experience and believe it very cool that they charge ‘clients’ for this work that they haven’t really done, but worse they deride hard working developers that have put a lot of time and hard work into learning a craft and who attempt to serve both the client and the cause of good Standards practises.

It is this kind of attitude which is bolstered up by the provision of this type of software, allowing these types to get away with this behaviour and I do not think it goes anyway to establishing the web development community as one to be respected – which it isn’t really at the moment.

I read these comments with horror on the forum provided for these people using this application – and an abridged selection of the worst I felt I had to post here. 🙂

I have just found the trial and had a play for an hour or so. Whay does he expect for $130… That is what… maybe the initial consultation charge a Web designer would charge….or maybe an hour or two of his work (that being drinking loads of coffee and surfing you-tube with probably 15 – 20 minutes of coding time).

I have been involved in web publish basic sites since the early 90’s and I think it a great product…. Just hope that with a purchase I can get free updates when they come out.

That first poster needs to get a life and stop spending 90% of his day infront of his computer…

Hmm been in web publish wonder what that means? Absolutely asinine comments about developers, chip on shoulder perhaps, not been able to grasp the basics well enough?

***** has a lot of future. ***** is very good and it has made me a lot of money. I haven’t even bought it yet, I am using the trial version and just cleans the watermark in the images in Photoshop.

🙂 I love the product so much that I’m going to admit to the company on their forum that I’m ripping them off and have no intention purchasing the software, Oh really?

****** has paid for itself ten-fold…

I’ve already made $1,500+ on two websites I created w/ ****** & Joomla in the past two weeks and am starting two more websites in the next couple of weeks that are both over $2,500 in income. I could not have done it without Joomla and ******… That’s $4,000 I made in part off of a $130 application.

Well I’m sorry young man but you are ripping people off, the real work rests with the overall knowledge one has and ability to support the clients web endeavours from web site through to hosting to continued support, in reality it’s a subject that has a huge breadth to it and cannot simply be covered by using an automated tool.

You can save your templates and come back to them whenever you want. In fact I have not opened Dreamweaver for weeks now.
The built in shadowing and glows save hours of work in graphics programmes

I see tons of software and frankly this is one of the most stable and best designed I have seen in years – and I have been buildng websites since 1992 so I know my onions.

Building sites since 1992 yes you really would think that you knew your onions , clearly not though!

Oh I shouldn’t come across as bitter 😉 I know but come on some of us have put a fair bit of time into this subject and work – frankly – long hard hours for clients and the above quotes really do grate 🙂

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