Parked Domains – finding names to use

Or what has been referred to as ‘Domain Squatting’ over the years.
(note: I use the term loosely and not in the sense described by the US federal law when they refer to Cybersquatting – but in the sense of registering and parking a domain name with no intent to use it – but not infringing on a possible trademark name. In other words parking domains is NOT an illegal act! Just a very frustrating one)

This is the practise of snapping up domain names with no intention of ever using them for actual real websites or at best using them to drive traffic around via a typical directory listing type page it’s sometimes referred to as Domain Reselling.

Example of a doamain parking page

Ok so it’s a practise as old as the internet itself and little point moaning about, yet it becomes simply the most frustrating exercise trying to find a good domain name when you genuinely need one to use for a web site. Certain companies have taken this practise to extremes automatically registering names in their hundreds of thousands to try and sell on.

Search after search results in visiting domain names listed as already registered only to find a parked page stating this domain is available – for a price! It would be nice if perhaps there could be an end to this practise altogether but it would be an extremely difficult thing to put into practise, indeed I myself keep a few domains available for various purpose not all in use however I do not attempt to profit from them nor are they names of any real value in as much as they are fairly random words which would unlikely be really desired by anyone.

Example of domain parking of a name searched for to register

So I hunt and search endlessly and what feels fruitlessly to find a domain name that I can use, crossing off one after the other of good names until I eventually get down to something that is far from ideal and not what I wanted.

Thank you all of you people that think this is an acceptable practise, but let me state my feelings – as if they weren’t apparent – this is a pernicious practise and one typical of so much of the internet where people have dived in and tried to exploit it for easy money. I sincerely hope one day a means can be found to put a stop to this altogether.

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