A post was made recently on CSSCreator pointing to this short blog entry:

ex- HTML

It proffers some opinion on the reason for the death, recently announced, of XHTML2

As I had been led to believe for what must be at least something in the region of 4 years, XHTML2 was simply never going to come to fruition and that it was best just quietly ignored, So I’m surprised that only know is it seemingly officially announced as defunct.

It does tend to remind me just what a sorry state of affairs I tend to feel the whole notion of Standards and the W3C is in.

Note this other blog entry from the same site:

CSS priorities

The quote by Andy Clarke is interesting and does beggar the question “why can’t a better approach to implementation be found”? David Barron’s following remarks are also interesting and slightly disturbing, and again, do nothing to prevent me thinking that fundamentally the W3C does not really serve the common hard working developer.

Yes I realise there are all sorts of arguments abound as to why things are the way they are and that it’s difficult to change things if not impossible, that we must have a centralized place for Standards to be nurtured in etc, yet we, the working developer is simply expected to struggle on while WG like the XHTML2 one appear to just waste peoples time and expectations? I’m sure it’s very nice for ones career to be called to a WG but…

CSS3? Where when ? So it’s almost ready? that has only taken a few years, but is it going to be a practical work that we can use; unlikely it’ll just be like the Attribute selector specification, one major browser declines to support them and in one single fell swoop they are rendered null and void, vertical centering in CSS? it’s easy, oops no it isn’t as one major browser thought not to support the table properties. IE8 does not support CSS3 (No I don’t count those properties that IE created as that is not support they always supported those few properties, they created the dam things.). IE8 will likely be around for a while. Once again a repeated scenario where web coding is held back (Yes I realise it’s not strictly the fault of the WG or W3C)

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