Bear SQL

Tony Aslett – the administrator and owner of CSSCreator a forum for all matters regarding CSS development, where I post and moderate – has released an updated version of his simple MYSQL manager.

Bear SQL - MYSQL table management

Bear SQL - MYSQL table management

Formally known as ‘MYSQL Table Manager’ it has now been renamed and has a new home at

This application provides those with Rudimentary knowledge of SQL or those who simply need an effective but simplified access to their tables the ability to add/create , change, their DB table entries or to create new databases, it has an extremely clean clutter free interface – those with experience of phpMyAdmin will appreciate this aspect – and is completely web based.

The main zip files can be downloaded from the bearsql download page

Installation is very straightforward, simply unzip the files to your Doc root and navigate to the main index file. the index page will ask you to provide your mysql details after which you will be able to access all the databases you have set up or to create new ones.

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