Ubiquitous Ubiquity

Mozilla labs Ubiquity

Mozilla labs Ubiquity

Recently brought to my attention by a post at CSScreator forums was this rather interesting Firefox addon named Ubiquity. This, on initial view, seems likely to prove a fascinating new development, and would seem to be far more than a simple addon for the browser.

To explain it here would not do it justice, especially as I have only just begun to try and understand it, suffice to say that it appears to be a method of interacting with data and sites in a seamless manner extracting required information in a Ajax kind of sense.

The example given of using it to embed map information is enough to make this worth installing, in a nutshell writing an email to someone and that you wish to include helpful information such as directions, perhaps a map image, is at best a tedious task at present requiring a few separate searches and tabbed windows open from which we would attempt to copy and paste the required info to our email; Ubiquity, on the other hand, allows us to do a simple keyword style search which would hopefully pull all the info we required into an overlaid window from where it’s simple to directly paste to the email body, elegant!.

As mentioned I will not have done justice to what ubiquity is actually capable of and I predict that it will have very rapid and widespread take up and wouldn’t be surprised if it became less a plug-in for firefox as a core component?

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