Zeldman, on judging the reboot competition and design woes

Zeldman on the standards of the Reboot competition
I found Zeldmans views on the state of entries to the reboot competition and the general standards of design – especially as taught by collages- in this piece on his blog rather amusing.

I was also fascinated by the fact that with two of the sites that he lists as noteworthy, one is non validating and full of little coding errors and the other is a slow loading Flash front end 😕
Which seems strange when presented by this guru of ‘Standards’ and ‘Semantics’

However his comments towards the bottom are of particular note as an insight to the mans thinking on matters of CSS.

There are geeks out there who’ve memorized both techniques and can argue passionately in defense of one or the other, but I am not one of them. Although I am fairly adept at CSS layout, I cannot keep track of all the tricks and hacks—partly because I prefer to think about content and design. (No offense is intended to those for whom CSS is an art form in itself; different strokes.)

Yikes, I’ve memorized the last one, not sure to what the first refers, but I love the comments regarding bookmarking useful CSS related information as a means of having a reference to all the hacks and workarounds needed and how he gave up bookmarking after around the 100 mark as just not worth it.

My regard for the man increases even more after reading this page 🙂
I’m just not
sure about the non-validating site though nor the flash one 😡

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