Make Poverty History

I for one cringe at the phrase “Make Poverty History” it is so simplistic as you say and seems to miss the real issues completely, from the mouth of an extremely articulate african came the words that ” debt relief would not benefit his country” he also interviewed a minister responsible for revenue and tax collection who quite plainly stated that the ministries complete inability to collect and process taxes and revenue demonstrated the chaotic nature of the administration of their govenment and that this led to much of their problems and this was one of the more stable African countries.

I have heard too little about the abhorrent practise of protectionism that is allowed to flourish and which needs to be completely abolished.
The “Fair Trade” products that we see on Uk supermarket shelves are the opposite of which people believe them to be, it is a further method of favouring a few over a Free Trade economy, which is what so many Africans seem to pleading for, the simple ability to compete in the global market with their produce, as opposed to having to buy sugar from the uk because we subsidize our farmers and can sell sugar cheaper to African countries than they can produce themselves for their home market, this practise must stop and the sooner the European CAP policy is finally killed of the better.

The African problem has to sorted out and any further aid given must not just be handed over it must be put to definite use applied to the areas so many Africans state they need, such as solid infrastructure to allow them to develop their markets. At the end of the day we have to empower Africans to take charge of their own destiny to route out the ingrained corruption and to finally take their place on the world stage competing alongside the rest of us.

They need constructive help from us and free trade, not pity and handouts, the continent is resource rich, they have everything they need to prosper but organization, which is the thing we can show them as long as the G8 are prepared to loosen the grip on the agenda they really work to.

I do not intend any criticism of well intentioned movements like this but sometimes feel that they get carried away with passion rather than practicality and I have never approved of musicians holding forth on politics… nor web designers for that matter

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