Development & Coding

A full range of services can be provided that include:

  • Full front end development - Custom themes / sites templates and functions.
  • Re-factoring existing web sites - updating sites to current best practises for coding standards.
  • Enhancing existing sites with additional site functionality, functions, plugins etc.
  • Advise & configuration of plugins for WP sites.
  • Custom design and installation of Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Web hosting requirements including server builds, configuration & installation.
  • Site analysis - Reporting on a sites current status for search accessible content, or general site issues that may exist.

Site design for full projects can be provided by clients graphics files or handled in house, full design services can be commissioned where required.

Communication is a vital aspect of good project work flow and close contact is maintained with clients to establish and ensure their requirements and expectations are understood and met and that they fully understand the processes and stages of the work as it evolves this communication extends through the entire project as it progresses and also importantly is extended on after the project hard or soft launch to ensure clients are completely happy with their site. Scoping of a project is performed to provide the client with a detailed project specification before any work gets underway.

We can work with existing sites that need updating and can bring a fresh lease of life to them by providing new templates and frameworks along with a clean fresh design this process will bring web sites completely up to date with modern standards based code that is lightweight, fast loading and search engine friendly. An example of a full web site re-build can be seen on this project example The Voiceover Gallery

Coding Standards are important and as a Standards advocate all work closely follows the W3C specifications for valid & semantic code & adherence to a basic level of accessibility as specified by the WCAG.

Please note pricing of all work is bespoke to each project and as such can only be discussed in person. A guide price can be given at the initial discussion stage which we're happy to do while discussing your basic requirements, with a full quote provided with the project proposal and specification should you wish to proceed.

Re-coding of web sites to CSS/HTML compliant specification

Re-code an existing site to meet with full W3C standards in both CSS and (X)HTML(5) specifications. Redundant coding such as obsolete table layouts will be replaced with pure CSS driven semantic code that is the core of today's standards.

Two primary reasons for perhaps considering re-coding an old site would be to comply with EU directives on Disability Rights in the UK covered by the DDA and to also improve the rank and listing of your site with search engines. Semantic clean code free of table structures used for layouts means faster loading pages saving on your server bandwidth costs and is far easier to maintain.

Provision of web hosting

Requirements for web hosting vary from client to client, unbiased advice can be given to ensure clients have the hosting that suits their site/project.

Where client site requirements are minimal in terms of web hosting a basic package can be provided at a low cost. Where client requirements are more demanding other options are available. Provisioning and setup of a dedicated VPS can be undertaken with a suitable company or a single account with user admin control panel provided on one of the many specialist WP hosting services. Alternatively cloud hosting can be arranged and setup with a service such as Amazon AWS EC2 or Digital Ocean.

Please Note : we have no affiliation to any hosting company & all recommendations are unbiased but based on experience of hosts that offer reliable services.

Uploading and configuration of sites on hosting servers

All work undertaken can either be returned as completed zipped files for the client to upload, uploaded directly to the clients site or where project management apps are in use staging servers may be configured to deploy work for testing and deployed to final production servers from the project app.

BuddyPress Community building software Social Networks / Community Sites

Currently a lot of focus is given to work on the creation and installation of custom social networks or Community sites. BuddyPress is used to provide the community modules running on a standard WordPress installation & including member account screens & profiles, Groups, site wide activity tracking and forum style discussions can be provided by the bbPress forum plugin.

I'm an experienced WP & BP developer maintaining an active presence in the BP community, As a core committer adding code revisions for the project I have an in depth knowledge of the plugin and it's operation.