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I provide custom web site development & consultation.

I’m a Standards focussed frontend developer working with clients to provide clean modern web sites and custom functionality for their existing sites

Services covered range from full bespoke web site builds, consulting on client requirements, coding custom site functionality to supporting existing clients with their ongoing requirements for web development.

I have broad experience in a variety of web technologies vital in ensuring web sites perform effectively from hosting sites, configuring web servers, managing DNS to email configuration & requirements.

As a Standards based developer I pay a lot of attention in working to compliant well formed code this experience and a background in hand coding ensures that deliverable code or sites will validate and perform across browsers or on mobile devices. Nowadays it’s increasingly important that sites do display well on variety of mobile devices such as tablets, phones, desktops.

My development background has covered a range of frameworks and applications that include apps such as Drupal, WordPress, PHP frameworks, CodeIgnitor, Smarty, JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery to the newer examples like Node, React, BackBone to major server side languages such as PHP, ColdFusion.


WordPress over the years has developed into a hugely feature rich app with features such as ‘Pages’ and recent additions such as Custom Post Types (CPT’s) making it very suitable for projects that are less blog oriented and more a feature rich Content Management System, and nowadays I tend to work exclusively with WordPress in terms of client development providing user centric CMS & blogs and I focus a fair bit of personal time on projects within the WP community, you can read more about my online life & projects and involvement in the WordPress community.


Through my work on BuddyPress I can provide expertise in installing and customizing BuddyPress sites and provide professional consultancy. As a core project member I have a deep level of knowledge on the inner workings and have contributed to the project over many version releases.

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