Companion Styles

Buddypress had a fundamental issue with it’s theme compatibility layer introduced in 1.7, where the triumph was to have BP component screens render in any template/theme, thus freeing BP from having to have it’s own purposed standalone theme, the drawback was that we could never easily know what styles or layout our screens would need to display in. To address part of this problem we deliberately avoided overt styling of BP elements so that we didn’t clash in styling, kept visual layout as simple as possible, however it was never going to be possible to avoid themes affecting styles in a manner unwanted.

Companion Stylesheets were conceived as a means of tackling issues that arose with styles in the few themes that we could test for, the WP default themes bundled with the core i.e ‘Twenty Seventeen’.

For each of the default themes we produced a specific Sass based additional stylesheet loaded by default depending on the WP theme activated.

Twentysixteen Companion Styles

Twentysixteen Companion Styles Updates