Me, Online {Life}, & Projects

I am…

A Standards focused full stack developer, working with everything and anything from PHP server side scripting to full layouts and templates. My primary focus lies with CSS-P and (X)HTML / HTML5 & JS.

My time is apportioned between clients & open source projects and I maintain an active presence in the WordPress development community.

Aside from work I keep busy working on various projects in the WordPress community, as a core committer on the BuddyPress project I tend to spend much of my free time there, apart from general patches and commits day to day I am currently working on the next generation of BuddyPress core themes used to allow BP to run under any WP activated theme, this is an extensive task that we hope to bring to fruition around the end of the next release cycle 2.9.

You can see a few screen captures here or visit the github repo to follow along or get involved

Other current project activities

BuddyPress Nouveau Template Pack

Currently I’m leading the initiative to provide the first new set of templates & styles for BP since bp-legacy back in version 1.7.

This new template pack is a radical departure in providing many new features, including Customizer options, new layout navigation options, and a lot of core functionality re-built and moved into the template directories for better & easier dev management, JS has undergone a complete re-write including exploring the use of Backbone templates for some components such as User messaging.

Companion Styles

With BuddyPress two project tasks have been completed ; ‘Companion Styles’ & ‘Style Modules’
Companion styles was a task looking at providing a series of additional stylesheet that provided style fixes and enhancements for the main WordPress default themes

Styles Modules

Modules are an experiment in community activity. The idea is the simple framework of CSS style sheets and JS can be written as snippets, or small parcels of styles that will manage a specific aspect of BP styling such as a new look for the members directory listings. These would be contributed by BP dev in the general community and curated by the core team.